The 60th edition of The Global Summit of the Consumer Goods Forum took place in
Cape Town, South Africa, from 15th-17th June this year.


With more than 800 delegates from almost 50 countries, the Summit discussed key issues of the industry, highlighted the potential of emerging markets and shared powerful lessons from leaders from established and new business models. Delegates also benefited from many networking and meeting opportunities - lunches, dinners, cocktails and coffee breaks, as well as our private store visits, special Partners Programme and wine tour.

Under the theme "Seizing opportunities in the face of disruption", the high-level speakers shared knowledge about business opportunities in new markets, disruptive communications, how young people are changing the world, retail success growth stories from all over the world, leadership, sustainability issues and many other subjects, providing delegates with valuable insights and knowledge.

It was a distinguished lineup, not just by its quality, but also by its geographic breadth. We also welcomed the highest number of women leaders to the stage when compared to previous editions. The full Executive Summary will be out soon and it will be available at the Global Summit website, where you can also find the speakers’ presentations.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is already working on the next edition, which will take place in Berlin, 21st-23rd June 2017. And, as a special treat, delegates who have participated at the Global Summit may be entitled to benefit from last year's fee when registering up to three delegates to the upcoming Future Leaders Programme taking place in London, 6th-8th October. Learn more about it and register your company's top talents!

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