The Store Tour: A Full Day of Visits to Discover the Local Retail Scene!

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  •   What this Programme Offers

    • Top-notch retailers welcome Summit delegates in their stores and offer a unique opportunity to interact with store managers; the best way to understand the eclectic local markets through a rich, comprehensive store tour programme.
    • Discover how retailers use diversity to move their businesses in new and exciting directions, and meeting the challenge of giving customers what they want!

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  •   This is your opportunity to:

    • Focus on the best of food retailing across various formats;
    • Learn how retailers cater to local food culture;
    • Be part of discussions about best practices on the shop floor with local teams;
    • Discover retailing from “behind the scenes” and witness operational excellence in action;
    • Obtain special access to local retail executives; learn the backstory and ask questions;
    • Benchmark your offer with different formats, facilities, merchandising and products.

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Join our Berlin Store Tour on June 20th

With more than 80 million wealthy consumers, Germany is the European Union’s biggest market for food and beverages. It represents as much as 20% of Europe’s purchasing power! Germany is home to some of retail’s most radical innovations and has some of the world’s leading global retailers. When very few retailers actually succeed in having a global footprint, German retailers show the world they can. In many ways Germany’s retail market foreshadows the future of retail for other markets, with older, more urban, more environmentally conscious consumers:

  • From the 1960s onwards, a constant obsession with low prices and low margins has led retail discounters to gain nearly half of Germany’s total market today, long before the other European markets even had their first discount stores;
  • Organic, fair-trade, healthy, and environmentally conscious products have been popular with German consumers for decades: German retailers were among the first to offer low-price healthy and organic options;
  • German thrift and environmental consciousness have caused retailers and consumers to be more advanced in recycling and energy efficiency: waste not, want not;
  • Germany’s highly saturated retail market has forced retailers to be more innovative and more global: only with added value can you make it in Germany; to continue to grow, German retailers have conquered international markets. They are more global than other retailers;
  • The rise of online retail and urban convenience stores are challenging traditional retail in a radical way, forcing retailers to accelerate the redefinition of their value proposition: low prices alone are no longer enough to seduce German consumers.

Our June 20th Berlin Store Tour programme is a unique opportunity to find out more about German retail and peek into retail’s future. Our 2017 Store Tour programme is kindly sponsored by Mars and hosted by the most relevant stores and discounters on the German market. 

Store Tour Programme:

  • 8 am: A 30-minutes presentation about the German Retail Scene will be provided by our partner Kantar Retail's VP of Research, Ray Gaul, around coffee and a quick breakfast. 
  • 8:45 am (SHARP): Departure of buses, each hosted by an expert from one of our content partners: EY, IGD, Kantar Retail and Planet Retail. 
  • 8:45 am - 5 pm: Tours A, B, C and D. Itineraries will be provided by email, a few weeks before the event. 
  • 5:30 pm: End of Store Tour and return to InterContinental Hotel.

Timing is subject to traffic conditions in Berlin.

Due to the early departure of the coaches, all participants should plan on arriving on the day before.

Should you wish to participate in the optional Store Tour programme, please tick the Store Tour option on the registration form. 

The 2017 Store Tour Programme is kindly hosted by

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  • Each bus will benefit from the presence of an expert from one of our content partners, to provide insights about the stores that will be visited and to answer questions about German retail. Our 2017 Global Summit Store Tour content partners are:

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